नए स्मार्टफोन में पाएं पुराने डिवाइस का सारा डेटा, ऐसे करें ट्रांसफर

नए स्मार्टफोन में पाएं पुराने डिवाइस का सारा डेटा, ऐसे करें ट्रांसफर

It has become necessary to keep updated due to the daily changing designs and smart features of smartphones. This is the reason why users have started changing smartphones quickly. The biggest challenge here is to transfer the old handset data to the new smartphone. The good thing is that you have taken a device with any OS or any OS, the old phone's data can be transferred to the new device and it is very easy to do this.  Before transferring data, backup the settings of the old Android or iOS device and make backups of it.

First of all, remember the ID-password of the Google Drive or iCloud account, to which it is going to store backups. Now if your new and old phone is both Android, then data transfer becomes easier. When setting up a new device, you have to tap on the A Backup From Android Phone option. After opening Google in the old phone, you have to tap on 'Setup my device'. After this connecting the two devices with the help of Bluetooth, the connection will be validated and the old phone data will be transferred with the help of Google Account / Google Drive.

If the iPhone has to be switched on to the Android phone
If you have switched from iPhone to new Android device, you need to select 'an iPhone device' option when setting up a new phone. After that go to android.com/switch on the old iPhone or download Google Drive from the App Store. After you create a backup on the iPhone's drive, you can restore the data from the drive by logging in to the new device with the same Google Account. One thing to note here is that before removing SIM from the old iPhone and putting it in the Android phone, please turn off iMessage and FaceTime.

On the other hand, if you are an iPhone lover and both your old and new devices are Apple or iOS based then the transfer option is available when setting up a new device. After pairing the device generated in the new device from the old scan, the data will come in the new device from iCloud backup.

Transfer from Android device to iPhone to
Android Transfer the data to the new iPhone from the smartphone and tap on 'Setup Manually' while setting up the iPhone. After setting up Wi-Fi and fingerprint, tap 'Move Data from Android' Here you will get a code of six or ten digits. Now download the 'Move to iOS' app on the old Android phone and enter this code in the app. The app will ask which data you want to move to the new iPhone. After selecting the data type here, tap on 'Next'. The special thing is that when the setup is completed the iOS version of your old app will also be downloaded in the new iPhone.